Apply for Minority Women Grants

Apply for Minority Women Grants
Nowadays, there are many government and private entities who offer minority women business grants to start their own businesses...If women decide on starting their own businesses, they normally approach their friends or relatives for loans, or try to obtain commercial loans from banks. For women falling in the minority category such as Asian, Spanish-American, or African-American who want to start businesses, there is a special benefit set aside known as minority women business grants. Apply Grants!!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Assistance for First Time Home Buyers-Housing Grants For Minorities

Assistance for First Time Home Buyers-Housing Grants For Minorities
If you have ever thought about buying a home but didn't think you could afford it, there may be assistance for you. There are a lot of programs out there that may be able to help you find the perfect home. These programs can help you with your down payment or closing costs depending on how much you make and where you would like to live. Here is some information about different assistance plan and programs that may be able to help you buy your first home.
The Federal Housing Administration, FHA, offer their help to many first time home buyers with an FHA Loan. FHA Loans are loans that are issued out by FHA-approved lenders because the FHA gives insurance on mortgages. The mortgage loans that are given out are backed by the promise that if the person defaults on any of their payments, the FHA will pay the lender. Of course, as with anything there are certain requirements and rules. The cost of the mortgage insurance is paid by the buyer through their monthly payments. Buyers may have to pay the insurance until it drops off after about 5 years or until the loans balance is down to about 78 percent of the property's value.
Another option first-time buyers have is to apply for a grant. Unlike with a loan, a grant does not need to be paid back overtime. There are a few different grants that are available for people who would like to apply for a grant rather than an FHA loan. A lot of grants are given out through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), but there are some things you will want to consider when applying for a grant. The grant you receive will not cover the entire cost of the home you wish to purchase. If the reason you are applying for a grant is because you do not qualify for a mortgage, then you will not be able to get a grant through HUD since you have to be able to use the grant towards a mortgage.
There is also the option of getting a housing choice voucher if you are a low-income family, disabled, or elderly. This particular program allows people who fall under this category to be able to afford a decent home in a safe area. In order to receive this voucher, you must meet the requirements that are outlined by the Public Housing Authority (PHA), such as the total income of the family must not be more than 50 percent of the average income of the area or county where you wish to live. If you are approved for a housing voucher you are allowed to find the proper housing to fit your needs. This means you have the choice of living in a house, town-home, condo, or apartment as long as they allow vouchers or Section 8, as it is sometimes called.
If you have looked at buying a home but have been worried that you wouldn't be able to afford it or because you might need some extra help, remember that you do have options. Before you apply for any type of assistance, be sure you have looked at any rules, regulations, and requirements, such as if you need homeowner's insurance. Also, check with your city and state to see if they have any housing assistant programs or initiatives that can help you find the home you have always wanted.

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