Apply for Minority Women Grants

Apply for Minority Women Grants
Nowadays, there are many government and private entities who offer minority women business grants to start their own businesses...If women decide on starting their own businesses, they normally approach their friends or relatives for loans, or try to obtain commercial loans from banks. For women falling in the minority category such as Asian, Spanish-American, or African-American who want to start businesses, there is a special benefit set aside known as minority women business grants. Apply Grants!!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Back to School Grants For Minority Single Mothers-Free Money

Back to School Grants For Minority Single Mothers-Free Money
A single mother often has great difficulty looking after her kids on her own. She has to earn enough money to feed them, clothe them, send them to school and put a roof over their heads. Frankly, raising children is a full-time job, and so is earning a living. This is why the men went out to work while the women looked after the children in traditional families. Now, the situation is not so bad if the woman earns enough money to pay for decent childcare for her children while she works. Unfortunately, many single mother households are headed by women who may not even have a high school diploma. With their lack of education, these women would be lucky to get jobs as clerks or receptionists. Fortunately, their plight has been recognized and there are grants available for single mothers and minority women to help them go back to school.
These grants and scholarships are provided by both the federal government and private charitable organizations. Federal grants officially go by financial need and do not discriminate by race or sex. On the other hand, many single mothers, especially those from minorities, do have great financial need. In practice, a single woman with children who is determined to go to college can count on a lot of financial aid from the federal government.
These free government grants are applied through the FAFSA website. The college chosen will then decide how much money to award to the applicant. That means the woman's choice of college can be critical to how much money she receives in government scholarships. As a rule of thumb, she should avoid colleges which give out a high proportion of athletic scholarships. She should also avoid colleges with a majority of male students. In general, a woman's college or community college is a better choice. However, she should do her own investigations to find out which schools in her state give out the most government money and how much goes to each recipient (especially those who are single mothers).
Besides government educational aid, she should also apply for grants for minority single mothers and other types of school grants for women. The reason is that most government aid programs are capped at around $4000 to $5000. This only covers about a third of the tuition fee. No matter how determined she is, a single working mother living below the poverty line cannot possibly go to school like this. That means she needs to find other sources of money if she wants to get her Bachelors degree.
In the case of private educational aid programs, the tighter and more specific the criteria are, the easier they are to get. For example, let us say that the single mother is a 40-year old black woman who was just widowed because her husband was killed in an industrial accident. If she can find a scholarship for older women from minority groups whose spouses died in a workplace accident, she will find it very easy to qualify for it because there will be almost no competition. While there are no such educational grants at the time this article was written, there are a number of programs for older women who want to go back to school, there is at least one program for families which lost their main breadwinner at work, and there are also educational aid programs for minority women.

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